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  1. mth3ikk2610
    SMO Lover since official released (EU) in 2014 ~ Present..
  2. NicolaescuDC
    Hi world all i m Deaf and me from Romania
  3. DarkShinyLugia
    Nowhere, yet everywhere
  4. JesperDalgaard
  5. LylyNynx
  6. nyuriti
    nyuriti erzon77
    Hi bro... u said can give starter pack for a new player in this forum, is this available?
    if yes, can u give me starter pack for rogue scout?
    my nick name in game : nyuriti
    nice to meet u
  7. Sweetner
    Do Not Disturb.
  8. maxz589
  9. BloodySwordMan
    BloodySwordMan Seiichi
    I am a new user of Swordsman. I can not log in to the game with my registered username. Is said the username or password is incorrect. Try so many times. Please check for me.

    1. Seiichi

      You have to create a login account here; our system is made to allow players to have multiple accounts that can be managed separately, but it creates a bit of confusion when you first sign up.
      Oct 26, 2018
  10. Varic
    Old Scool Runes of Magic player
  11. koka94
  12. denisty
    I am a new member
  13. dsafdWSAFc
  14. blackwolkan
    Fuck The System
  15. basitjx
  16. NeptunuSS
    NeptunuSS Seiichi
    helooo , can you help me about New Member Starter Pack please?
    my character name : NeptunuSS
  17. Brain
    Keto tone diet
  18. rapid tone reviews
    rapid tone reviews
  19. raja rani
    raja rani
    BarkBox sends you a curated collection of doggy treats, toys, and add-ons each month to delight your doggy
  20. philip
    philip Seiichi
    im player from taiwan
    why i can't login my dragon's prophet
    it keep saying "check my email or password is correct"
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