Dragon Saga

The credit system is now back online so you can earn credits for posting or logging in, as well as use your credits to buy currency packages.

When we move to the new site platform, we may potentially do away with the credit system temporarily as we are going to have to build it from scratch, but it would have a wider variety of ways to earn credits as we will be expanding the capabilities of the the site as a whole.
To help with a lot of the creative side of things we have a number of people who are not staff, but do things to help us get things done, plan for the future, or prepare for new content. You will find information on how you can follow the work of our volunteers or how you can support them if you choose to do so:

Aiden is a 3D designer who is going to be helping us to make recolors of existing models, help to update the textures of existing models, and...
As noted in the previous store update thread, we will be releasing a new update to the website on Monday. This new update will introduce a whole new store with new functionality, new ways to earn credits and the foundation for adding more products in the future.

New functionality:
  • Ability to set your default account which will used as the default selection when redeeming a purchased Game Card.
  • Ability to purchase multiple items before checking out (eg $10, $20 and a $5...
As we do not use landing-pages or individual sites for our games I've changed the base domain url (Adept Gamer - http://adeptgamer.com) from using the community subdomain to redirect to the actual domain.

You may need to clear your cache for this to take effect immediately.
This only applies to forum accounts, not game accounts.
Because of the way our registration works, we are going to start enforcing a single account per person. We were letting it slide a little but to potentially prevent any issues with abuse of the credit system we are going to begin merging and deleting multiple accounts. If you need to create additional accounts for family members (spouse, significant other, family member or...
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